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Our Wine Production Estate.


Antico Fenilon, Vino e spumate metodo classico cuvee a Preabocco di Brentino Belluno, Val d'Adige
Production Estate of Fine and High Quality Sparkling Wines ” ANTICO FENILON “ - Fam. Secchi  Loc. Fenilon in Fraz. Preabocco di Brentino Belluno ( Valdadige )  - VR - ITALY - Tel. & fax +39 (0)464 684051 / Mob. +39 339 2467186 - Email info@anticofenilon.it  
The Winery “Antico Fenilon" develops and maintains a viticulture that reflects a way of  life, with particular attention to biodiversity and the environment. Our business has a  story associated with the memory and the recovery of knowledge of our predecessors,  unrelated to the industrial logic and based on passion and respect for the vineyard.   Our focus in  tradition and in the vineyard worship has led to expressions able to draw  the personality of unique wines that reflect their origins. Today recover with respect  the experiences of our ancestors and keep alive their traditions are the way to obtain  a wine with feeling and spirituality, integrating nature and vineyard to our life way.   The “Antico Fenilon” Winery Estate promotes a healthy and respectful viticulture,  based on concepts of ecological sustainability. With complete and balanced control of  natural fertilizers in our vineyards, we help to keep alive the winemaking and  viticultural ecosystem. Despite being immersed in a monoculture, we try to preserve  the rich genetic diversity of native grapes and wine heritage, fully developing  the  personality of our wines. This is why we avoid agricultural production on an industrial  scale, while maintaining more sustainable agro-ecosystems with ecological practices  which respect the life and the natural balance of the vineyards.   Consider the land cultivation  as a living organism, and in close connection with the  
Notturno all'Antico Fenilon - Loc. Preabocco di Brentino Belluno  Val d'Adige)
outside world: the soil becomes a huge living being, where every plant, stone or animal (including humans) are part of their vital  organs.   We worry constantly for the natural environment of the vineyard respecting the authenticity of the natural native landscape