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Red Reserve “Brividorosso”

The Red Fenilon Reserve is the interpretation of our project quality in the production of full-bodied and structured wines; trying to capture the best characteristics of the vineyard chosen with a careful selection , our Enantio grapes (which is the only grape variety native to the area), found the ability to deliver the best potential and character.


The Enantio is a grape with medium maturation - late with a bunch of medium sized  and with small - medium; the very careful choice of the grapes destined for drying is carried out in plots with vines of direct genetic derivation from those autoctone present in the valley.


Once placed in the plateaus which contain about 4kg of each grape, they are stored in the wide fruit storage room of the Fenilon that, thanks to the autumn temperated currents  and its allocation in the valley , may undergo a constant drying without the need of forcing dates by means of air conditioning systems. A pressing made in early December and a prolonged maceration of the skins gives to  the wine great body and structure to ensure durability and consistency.


After a period of stabilization in steel , it’s foreseen a period in wooden barrels, this will give to  the Red Fenilon a "rounded"  tannins and a great softness able to compensate  the large alcohol content with the  result of  a product with great balance.


Aspect:  Clear.  Colore:   Intense ruby red with violet - purple. .  Tasting and smelling aspect: Typical of Enantio grapes Enantio that is of the undergrowth which recognizes the wild  blackberries and blueberries; However, with the passage of time you experience spicy tastes that go towards the cloves and  liquorice finish.  It is the product that we believe best expresses the quality  of red wines of this territory; the fact that it derives from ancient native  vines found in the forests of the area gives him great particularity, and finally it must be said that grapes  derived from Enantio,   according to some studies, are extremely rich in resveratrol, a natural antioxidant.  The great structure and great alcohol content (14% vol.) make it perfect in combinations with red meats and game, and it should be  served at a temperature of 18 degrees. 
Antico Fenilon, Vino e spumate metodo classico cuvee a Preabocco di Brentino Belluno, Val d'Adige
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